Presentations from 2016 Banff Mental Health Conference

Between March 20 and 23, 2016, 150 delegates came to Banff, Alberta for the 48th International Conference on Behavioural Science. This year's theme was School Mental Health: Challenges and Opportunities. Students, researchers, professors, clinicians, educators, and service providers discussed the barriers and strengths of school mental health interventions and research. Through plenary addresses and workshops, participants were presented with the most recent research findings from internationally recognized experts, effective systems for organizing and delivering services, and a range of evidence-based programs and practices from prevention to crisis intervention.

Banff Mental Health Conference

Plenary Presentations

Plenary by Sharon Stephan and Kathy Short

Integrating multi-tiered mental health supports into education to promote student success: Implications for school mental health implementation in Canada. Click here and here.

Plenary by Claire Crooks

Promoting mental health among Aboriginal youth through culturally-relevant programming. Click here.

Plenary by Kathy Short and Jean Clinton

Creating a national research, policy, and practice agenda in school mental health: Collective learnings, collaborative possibilities. Click here.

Plenary by Kim Schonert-Reichl

Emerging research in promoting adolescents’ social, emotional, and cognitive competence and well-being through mindfulness-based programs. Click here.

Workshop Presentations

Workshop by Claire Crooks and Susan Dale

The Healthy Relationships Plus Program: Embedding mental health promotion in an evidence-based healthy relationships approach. Click here.

Workshop by Sharon Stephan

Evidence-based practices to support trauma-exposed students. Click here.

Workshop by Lynn Miller

Successful implementation of effective universal, select, and targeted anxiety prevention programs K-12. Click here.

Workshop by Steven Evans

Evaluating best practices for providing school-based services to middle and high school students with ADHD. Click here.

Workshop by Kim Schonert-Reichl

Contemplative science goes to school: Bringing social and emotional learning and mindfulness programs to the classroom. Click here.

Workshop by Jeff Temple

Before, during, and after: Best practices for school-based crisis intervention. Click here.