About Us

The Centre for School Mental Health at Western University addresses the need for improved school-based promotion, prevention and intervention services for children who may be at risk for, or who present with, mental health challenges. Our team of researchers, educators, students and administrators is focused on the mental health, well-being and relationship development of children from Kindergarten to grade 12. We use outcomes and lessons from nationally funded research projects to deliver evidence-based programs and training for educators in schools and communities.

Why do we exist?  Because when children learn how to develop healthy relationships it benefits their mental well-being and builds long term skills that help them avoid violence and substance abuse.

The Centre seeks to promote an expanded concept of School Mental Health (SMH) through innovative research partnerships, high quality training opportunities, and a commitment to knowledge mobilization. The vision of effective SMH is one where a multidisciplinary group of professionals can offer evidence-based services ranging from prevention to intervention, effectively removing barriers to learning and ultimately promoting well-being.

CSMH Model