2017 Canadian Conference on Promoting Healthy Relationships for Youth - Pre-Conference Speakers

Cognitive Behavioural Intervention for Trauma in Schools - Sharon Hoover

Tools for Practicing Culturally Responsive Program Evaluations - Kim vander Woerd, Samantha Tsuruda, Monique Auger, Cassidy Caron, Billie Joe Rogers

The Healthy Relationship Plus Program: A Small Groups Approach to Promoting Healthy Relationships and Positive Mental Health Among Adolscents - Ray Hughes, Susan Dale, Claire Crooks

Creating Positive, Healthy and Accepting Learning Environments for LGBTQ Students and All Youth Vulnerable to Gender-Based Violence
- Ken Jeffers

Trauma and Children: Closing the Gap Between What We Know and What We Can Do - 
Linda Baker, Joanne Baker, Renée Turner, Heather Gregory, Sandra Pribanic

Youth Engagement: What, Why and How - Zac Johnstone, Nicole Sudiacal

The Art of Conducting Structured Professional Judgement Risk/Needs Assessments of Elementary School-Based Students - Leena K. Augimeri