2017 Canadian Conference on Promoting Healthy Relationships for Youth - Day 1 Speakers

Bullying and Dating Aggression -
 Debra J. Pepler

The Trauma Associated with Involvement in Bullying - Wendy Craig

The Role of Positive and Respectful Relationships Within Children's Peer Groups - Wendy Ellis

Adapting a Healthy Relationships Mental Health Promotion Program for Diverse Youth: Pilot Process with LGBTQ Youth and in a Corrections Setting -
Amanda Kerry, Alicia Lapointe

Youth Pathways Project: Histories of Maltreatment and Substance Use Patterns Among Street-Involved Youth -
 Tara Bruno

Off-the-Shelf Programs to Prevent Bullying: How Can Schools Choose and What Can They Expect - John LeBlanc

Preventing and Responding to Cyberbullying: Why Collaborative Efforts Matter and What's Getting in the Way - Ryan Broll

Bro-Talk: Kids Help Phone's New Support Zone for Teen Guys - Alisa Simon, Dilys Haner

Engaging Youth and Educators in Mental Health Literacy - Susan Rodger

Promoting Health Through Collaborative Engagement with Youth: Overcoming, Resisting and Preventing Structural Violence - Helene Anne Berman, Eugenia Canas, Abe Oudshoorn

Kids Help Phone/Jeunesse J’Écoute – Best Practices in “Live Chat” Counselling - Dilys Haner, Alisa Simon

Partnering to Implement an Evidence-Based SEL Program Within a Trauma-Informed Framework - Karen Bax, Sandra Savage

Promoting Mental Wellbeing Among First Nations Youth Through Culturally-Relevant Programming - Claire Crooks

Moving from Scaling-Up Evidence-Based Programs to Developing a Supported Implementation System: Testing/Developing a Comprehensive Approach to Support Social-Emotional Learning in Youth - Lana Wells, Lianna Lee

Promoting Healthy Relationships in the School Setting: The New JCSH Positive Mental Health Toolkit - Katherine Eberl Kelly

The Fourth R: Teaching Healthy Relationship Skills to Reduce Youth Risk Behaviours - David Wolfe

Cascading Leadership Across the System to Promote Scale-Up and Sustainability in School Mental Health - Kathy Short

How to Improve Emotion Regulation and Self-Control in Children Experiencing Conduct Problems and Their Families: The Snap © Model - Leena K. Augimeri

Connecting Inuit Knowledge and Approaches to Youth Violence Prevention and Mental Health - Marika Morris

Trauma and Children: Closing the Gap Between What We Know and What WE Can Do - Linda Baker, Joanne Baker, Renée Turner, Heather Gregory, Sandra Pribanic

Perspectives on Learning: MindUP™ as Scaffolding for Young Children’s Self-Regulation for Learning - Lynda Hutchinson, Caely Dunlop

A Question of Access: Examining Poverty and its Impact on Service Acquisition in Youth Justice - Alan Leschied, Angelina McLaughlin, Victoria Sabo, Orla Tyrrell, Jordyn Webb, Dan Ashbourne

Medicine Wheel Wellness: A Way of Life - Mike Cywink

Listening to One Another to Grow Strong: Culturally Based, Family Centered Mental Health Promotion for Indigenous Youth - Laurence Kirmayer

The Healthy Relationships Plus Program: A Small Groups Approach to Promoting Healthy Relationships and Positive Mental Health Among Adolescents - Ray Hughes, Susan Dale

Culturally Safe Evaluation - Kim van der Woerd, Samantha Tsuruda, Monique Auger, Cassidy Caron, Billie Joe Rogers

Scaling Up School-Community Social and Emotional Learning in Atlantic Canada: Lessons Learned from the Field - Pamela Magee

Beyond Boys Will Be Boys: A Healthy Masculinity Program for Adolescent Boys - Debb Hurlock, Roseline Carter

The WITS Programs: Promoting Social Responsibility and Prosocial Leadership - Bonnie Leadbeater

Whole School, Community and Child Approaches to Prompting Youth Well-Being: Strategies for Translating Research to Practice - Deinera Exner-Cortens