Well at Work by the EdCan Network


Developed by EdCan Network, Well at Work calls on education leaders to commit to making workplace well-being a top priority and encourages everyone to take responsibility in creating supportive school cultures where staff look after their well-being and that of their colleagues - every day. 

Although stress and burnout are on the rise among staff in Canadian K-12 education systems, investment to support their well-being isn’t keeping pace.

Well at Work is all about giving schools and school districts the tools they need to improve working conditions for the long term.

Well at Work aims to…

  • AWARENESS and a shared understanding of the urgent need to invest in staff mental health and well-being in ways that challenge mindsets and assumptions (e.g., "educators have it easy")
  • AMPLIFY educators’ stories and lived experiences that get to the heart of what well-being means and looks like at work
  • SUPPORT school districts and provinces who are seeking solutions and making workplace well-being a top priority


  • TRANSFORM groundbreaking research and evidence into personal and relatable stories that highlight the ups and downs of working in education
  • COLLABORATE with experts to demystify what the research says via fact sheets, infographics, podcasts, videos, and much more!
  • HOST national events to convene stakeholders around a shared vision for workplace well-being in Canadian K-12 education

Courtesy of EdCan Network, Well at Work project

Fact Sheet

  • How can we reduce stress and increase support for teachers?