Development of Self-Regulation for Learning During MindUP™

This study explored how kindergarten children’s self-regulation for learning (SR/L) developed within a mindfulness-based social and emotional learning program (MindUP™), along with children’s demographic and teacher factors that were associated with it. Findings indicated that children’s behaviours associated with solo and social SR/L increased over the implementation of MindUP™. In addition, student and teacher factors were associated with children’s SR/L. Results highlight the need for further, large-scale research to better understand if implementing MindUP™ may support kindergarten children’s SR/L in classrooms.

Authors: Devon Trower, Lynda Hutchinson, Claire Crooks

Keywords: self-regulation for learning, kindergarten, MindUP, teacher efficacy, teacher burnout, behaviour attributions

Summary by: Devon Trower

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