Translated STRONG resource creates more inclusive environment for program implementation

By: Gina Kayssi
Friday, November 19, 2021

The STRONG implementation resource book titled “A Terrible Thing Happened” was recently translated into four languages: Spanish, Arabic, Korean and German. Written by Margaret M. Holmes, this storybook seeks to support children who have witnessed or experienced violent or traumatic experiences. Together, STRONG facilitators and elementary participants explore common reactions, like loss of appetite and nightmares, and explain how talking to a caring adult (i.e. parent, mental health professional) could help. Our team is excited to make this wonderful storybook accessible to more STRONG children, youth and families.

A special thank you to all the wonderful team members for providing their language supports to create the translated versions: 

Arabic: Gina Kayssi & Lina Saadeddin

German: Katarina Guillen

Korean: Haesoo (Sue) Kim

Spanish: Morena Hernandez & Maria Ibanez


All translated versions are now available on the STRONG Research page.