Mental Health Literacy for Foster Families

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    Module 1

    Laying A Foundation For Children In Care

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    Module 2

    Four Tools for Conflict Resolution

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    Module 3

    Unpacking Behaviour

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    Module 4

    Dealing With Grief & Loss

We are a research team from Western University whose interests lie in children, family, and community mental health and well-being. Recently, we had the privilege of working with the Child Welfare League of Canada to ask over 900 foster parents across the nation about their experiences and challenges as carers. These learnings have inspired the creation of this course.


We listened to the voices of foster carers around Canada to find out what they needed to be better supported in their roles as primary caregivers of foster children. Foster carers told us that they wanted more relevant and practical resources to assist them in the following areas:

  • Building successful and healthy relationships
  • Avoiding burnout and feelings of helplessness
  • Breaking isolation and feelings of aloneness
  • Taking care of yourself as a carer

We have designed this online course to be delivered across 4 modules. Each module follows an interactive, practical, and concise format to help fit into foster parents' busy schedules. Our country’s most vulnerable children have been placed in your care. Amidst the circle of professionals involved, you are on the front lines of your child's care and development. We, the researchers, are simply course facilitators,  but it is your knowledge, insight, and experience that will help make this course into the best possible resource that it can be for foster parents to come.

Thanks for participating in this exciting collaboration!

Important Information Before You Begin:

The modules are best viewed using Google Chrome. If you don’t have Google Chrome you can download it for free by clicking here:

Some parts of the modules might not work at all, or very well, if you are using an iPad or Mac. You can still go through the modules and will be able to see most things, though.