Graduate Students

Our graduate students are hard-working individuals that are passionate about their chosen area of study. They demonstrate an ongoing commitment to better understanding and increased positive social impact. Most students balance an impressive range of responsibilities, including research, teaching, and leadership among a variety of committees, alliances, and associations related to their key focus.

Abdullah Saadeddin
Undergraduate Intern

Alexandra Smith
PhD Student

Amira Noyes
PhD Student

Anjali Ruparrelia
Masters Student

Bradley Daly
PhD Student

Caely Dunlop
PhD Student

Courtney Cadieux
PhD Student

Emily Barry
Masters Student

Euan Tait
Masters Student

Katarina Guillen
Masters Student

Maria Ibanez
PhD Student

Melissa Read
PhD Student

Natalia Kubishyn
PhD Student

Nicole Schilling
Masters Student

Rachelle Graham
Masters Student

Samir Boulazreg
Masters Student

Sue Kim
Masters Student

Past Students:

  • Kelsey Huson
  • Lina Saadeddin
  • Amal Baobaid
  • Alyssa Mueller
  • Bernadette Yeo
  • Maria Jelic
  • Callie Whalen
  • Michelle Philippe
  • Christina Amico
  • Emilia Pacholec
  • Bridget Houston
  • Arely Rodriguez Alcocer
  • Elizabeth Thornley
  • Marie-Michelle Boulanger
  • Jessica Sommers
  • Amanda Kerry
  • Sarah Moroz
  • Cassandra Trevisani
  • Elsa Trovarello
  • Jessy Pandori-Chuckal
  • Richelle Bird
  • Robyn Masters
  • Melissa Coyne-Foresi
  • Alicia Lapointe
  • Devon Trower
  • Nicole Off
  • Heather Hargraves
  • Ruth Rodney
  • Tessa Alexander
  • Kelsey MacDonald
  • Melanie-Anne Atkins
  • Chloe Hamza